Why Should I Use a Travel Advisor?

Your time is precious, and your vacations are investments in cherished memories spent with family and friends. You can spend hours upon hours researching destinations and accommodations, but sometimes you are disappointed when you get there because it isotel is not what was pictured on the website. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Joanne has the experience and contacts to assure that what you want, need and desire is exactly what you get. Her worldwide connections are there to provide expertise and on-the-ground information to ensure a seamless experience. Joanne's travel resume is vast, having been to more than 50 countries herself, providing insight into destinations and first-hand knowledge of some of the best hotels in the world. Let that expertise work for you and your valued travel experiences.

What are Some of the Benefits of Working With an Advisor?

In addition to personalized service and a customized itinerary, Joanne's meticulous attention to detail is your greatest asset when planning your special journey. Not only will she plan a perfectly orchestrated experience, but there will be some pleasant surprises along the way - from valuable hotel upgrades and credits to personalized amenities to welcome you to your destination and a welcome home message inviting you to share your thoughts about your vacation with her. And you can expect VIP service from start to finish. Joanne then uses the information learned from your past trips to assist when planning for the future. Her association with Brownell Travel, the country's oldest travel company, and Virtuoso, are value-added resources that Joanne's clients enjoy. Brownell-affiliated travel advisors are largely recognized as the very best in the world in terms of expertise and professionalism.

Are There Fees Associated With Your Services?

Yes, travel advisors are compensated for their time, expertise and the resources they deploy on your behalf. Advisors are paid professional commissions by travel partners for the business we book with them (which, you probably don't know you've been paying anyway if booking through any on-line travel agency website).  Advisors receive fees from clients, a business model much like architects, interior designers and financial planners utilize, for access to their experience-based services that ensure that you are her top priority and she is working to make your vacations some of the best memories in your life, allowing the freedom to invest time and great care in your vacation. Fees range from $75 for simple hotel-only or purely transaction-based arrangements to $350 per week of travel for full travel planning services to include researching air, land, cruise, hotel, and touring options. Fees will vary depending on the complexity and duration of the trip and the number of passengers. Very often, clients find that they more than make up the planning fee in the discounts, food and beverage credits, extra amenities and value-adds that Joanne is able to offer.

What is Joanne's Experience in Travel?

Joanne's background is in financial services, where she serviced a demanding clientele for complex equity products for over 20 years. She was well-known in her industry for being a rigorous researcher who thrives on uncovering interesting and value-added details in order for those clients to make well-informed investment decisions. She has taken that discipline and applied it to her work as a travel advisor, relishing the details in the planning process so that her clients can travel without worry, enjoying all of the benefits of that research to find the unique joy in every destination. Having the elite experience of the Brownell Travel Advisor Mentoring Program further equips Joanne to create wonderful, enriching travel for her clients.

Do You Need a Big Budget to Work with a Travel Advisor?

The short answer is… No! If you consider travel an investment in life and you value the experiences and memories that travel brings, then you will find great value in working with a travel advisor. This investment gains you access to potential upgrades, credits, amenities and a richer experience. Joanne saves you time from fruitless, endless and, often frustrating Internet searches; and make sure your travel dollars are handled with the very best of care by well-vetted, financially secure travel partners.

Why Do You Recommend Your Clients Purchase Travel Insurance?

We always recommend the purchase of travel protection coverage prior to our clients' trips in the event something unforeseen occurs that impacts your travel prior to or during your vacation and/or in the event of a medical emergency while away from home (especially if you are enrolled in a state insurance marketplace health policy where coverage becomes complicated once leaving your state of residence).  You never know when your trip will be impacted by events that are beyond your control - we have thousands of client examples of what went wrong!  To protect the investment you have made in your vacation, use this link to get a quote from our preferred provider http://www.travelexinsurance.com/index.aspx?location=01-0009&go=bp

and for enrollment forms  http://www.travelexinsurance.com/index.aspx?location=01-0009&go=pstb

We also suggest enhanced medical evacuation coverage from MedJet Assist, especially if you are traveling to remote locations or to countries with limited infrastructure support:  http://www.medjet.com/7022

You have made a big investment in your precious vacation - help protect that investment!

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